Take one, SPF application with Kate Rickard

Take one, SPF application with Kate Rickard

Take one, SPF application with Kate Rickard


Meet Kate Rickard. She is one hell of a character and immediately you are instantly drawn to her energy, smile and spontaneous laugh.  At just the age of 23, I feel there are a few things we could all learn from her. She has a great perspective in life & can sparkle energy throughout a room. Not to mention, her great music taste.

We may get to know her a little more, as we do a few more essone takes. Here's our first, "Take One."



I'm from North Carolina in the US and really cherish growing up down South. There's a certain lifestyle in North Carolina - slower in pace than the rest of the US, kind people, and great culture. I was a dancer for 15 years so proper health and exercise are values that I live my life by.  I'm a firm believer that beauty is an inside job and shines from your inner work. The inner work for me is made of up the food I eat, the quality of my relationships, practising mindfulness, meditation and yoga. And getting in a good belly laugh each day.

WHAT IS THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED? The present moment is all you ever have so choose joy, gratitude & love

AND DO YOU FOLLOW IT? I try my best :)

FAVOURITE SWIM SPOT? The last beach I was at was St Clair in Dunedin. It's not too bad of a drive from Queenstown. Not to mention, it's gorgeous and not too crowded. So, that's my favourite swim spot in New Zealand but back home I love Sullivan's Island and Hilton Head both in South Carolina.

THE BEST THING ABOUT SUMMER?  Daylight savings, late nights outside, and growing tomatoes


FAVOURITE SUMMERTIME FEAST? VEGGIE TACOS or a giant tray of grilled veggies with good wine

MUSIC YOU WILL NEVER STOP LISTENING TO?  This is super hard as I grew up in a musical family listening to amazing musicians. My parents are basically hippies and my dad is in a band. But two musicians I will never stop listening to are The Black Keys and The Allman Brothers Band. And the Rolling Stones. Ah, and Tame Impala.