Ivana Martyn spent her professional life as an International Model & in  2015 changed her career shifting from in front of the lens to behind, her photography appears in publications of Russh, Vogue, ELLE, and iD magazines. Ivana is currently now shuffling her time in photography & also as a young mother-of two her children Winstone (3) and Viv (nearly 1) super cute! Ivana is authentic & we are stoked to be able to share some of her insights into daily life. Thanks Ivana x 

 STARSIGN  Aquarius



MORNING RITUALS  feed the baby, make my son breakfast, then coffee!

EVENING RITUALS  After making dinner and cleaning the kitchen, I usually have a bath with the kids, brush teeth and read them a story while breastfeeding Viv.  Everyone goes down to sleep at the same time. 9.30pm seems to be the magic hour.

WORDS OF WISDOM FOR PARENTS OF LITTLE ONES whatever works for you! It doesn’t matter if it’s not ‘right’, just enjoy it and go with it. I’m not overly stressed about a routine and I find that works best for our lifestyle. Everyone goes with the flow.

MY VIBE Who or what inspires you. My father and photographer Annemareke Van drimmlen. My children.

BEACH Wow there are a lot of good magical beach’s in the world. A few have touched my heart. Porto Katsiski in Lefkada, Greece. Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. Bondi beach Sydney. Conca del Sogno, Italy.


FAVOURITE MUSICIANS  way too many, I could name 100s. Love music of all genres


BOOKS  Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Perfume by Patrick Suskind. Life of Pi is a brilliant work of fiction that feels so real as you read it.

ARTISTS I’m about to buy a piece of work by artist Zhu Ohmu 

MOST MEMORABLE PHOTO SHOOT - god there are so many. Before lockdown we were flying everywhere. Most recently I loved shooting this months (Feb, 2021) Russh Magazine ( the freedom issue). It was the first shoot back after lockdown and one month after giving birth to our second son Vivian. An intimate photo shoot with Australian Ballet choreographer Alice Topps, at her home. We had so much fun being creative together and dressing up in Chanel. I’d do that day over and over again. The photos are beautiful.

WHATS COOKING! Not much... I’m currently on the way to help my fiancé lay parquetry floors at our house so we can move the boys back in before the end of the week... otherwise I’d probably be cooking us a roast chook with veg from our garden or pasta



WHATS ALWAYS IN YOUR FRIDGE - butter, cheese, a jar of Meredith’s goats feta, natural Greek yogurt, a bag of carrots! And bananas in the fruit bowl

 GO TO DINNER RECIPE - aglio e olio pasta with hidden broccoli, parsley and lots of Parmesan, or Amatriciana or roast chook, or a bbq (husbands favourite and only request every night)

FAVOURITE SNACK - I’d say I eat a lot of avocado toast and coffee... plus Winston’s leftovers. Cheese. Popcorn. Ice cream. Croissants 

WHATS ALWAYS IN YOUR PANTRY - so much! Porridge, Nuts, pasta, rice, rice noodles, tinned tomatoes, anchovies, popcorn, sakata, wafer thins (for cheese), porridge, vegemite, peanut butter, chocolate, Liquorice,  vitamin C and coffee 


Perfume - La Labo Another 13

Cleanser -  if I wash my face.... Currently using Grown Alchemist cleanser or a goats milk soap. Other go to’s are Obagi Professional C cleanser or San ceuticals goji cleansing oil 

Toner - rose water face mist if I see it on the shelf every now and again


Moisturiser - coconut oil or euraderm (urea cream) - it’s for super dry skin and eczema, I used to use it on my hands in winter but since being pregnant with Viv I’ve been so dehydrated that I’ve started using it everywhere. It’s my go to face cream, usually with some kind of serum or skin oil like essone's nutritive day serum ..... and for day I use essone Rose & Holy Basil Moisturiser.

Sunscreen -  ultra ceuticals or essone. And for my kids forever and only essone

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