Since 2013, Essone has crafted eco-luxe, botanically-enhanced skincare and sunscreen products.

Founded by Sunny initially living seaside & now in the Southern Alps,  living a  simple, wholesome & outdoor based lifestyle, infused that passion into essońe, to create the foundations of a completely authentic & transparent brand.

Launching initially with non-toxic, organic sunscreen, Essone has extended into skincare products maintaining the company ethos of transparency and an elevated approach to self-care.

Our products are packed full of premium plant-based oils and butters that have been used in ritual for centuries. Our ingredients are direct from the source and harvested locally, organically and sustainably. We invest in Australian and New Zealand SPF testing and only use the highest quality ingredients. We use mineral eco-certified, non-whitening zinc oxide to achieve broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Essone is stocked in stores with conscious, like-minded users.


If you are in balance internally, your skin regime should be simple externally. Achieve balance with regular exercise, mindfulness meditation, a Mediterranean diet, and consumption of organic, non-toxic products. A little goes a long way with our products and a four-step daily skin regime is all you need.

Cleanse with our Cilantro and Lime cleanser

Protect with our SPF30 tested sunscreens.

Hydrate with our Rose and Holy Basil moisturiser 

& Everyday Oil 

Repair with our Intense Night Serum.

Glow with our Nutritive Day Serum.